Wisconsin's CWD Response Plan

In 2010, Wisconsin drafted a CWD Response Plan. The main goal for the management of CWD is to minimize the area of Wisconsin where CWD occurs and the number of infected deer in the state

This goal is a shift in the original management approach by currently accepting an area of CWD infection in southern Wisconsin, and at the same time, focusing CWD control efforts on limiting CWD to that area of the state while also controlling its intensity and distribution.

The response plan for CWD was developed based on the best scientific and socio-cultural information currently available. As new information becomes available steps will be taken to adapt the management and response approach. Since science is always learning more about CWD, the response strategy needs to be adjusted as more is learned about the disease. As different techniques for management of the disease are discovered and tested Wisconsin's approach will change.

Any response plan will only be effective if the DNR, hunters, landowners and other key stakeholders work together to implement these measures in an effort to reach common goals.

It is imperative that Wisconsin actively manage CWD so that it is in the best position possible should new, more effective tools be developed.

Wisconsin has chosen the theme of Hunt. Harvest. Help. for this program. Here is what the program name means:

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