Meme Doge Was Sold For 20 Million Reais At Auction

The internet is a very large territory, where we can do almost anything and access the most diverse content quickly. It has become a place to find political debates, scientific information, seek entertainment content and, of course, have fun. In addition to keeping ourselves well informed and receiving information about what happened on the other side of the world in a matter of seconds. And, not least, we are connected to the people who end up becoming memes on the networks, which brings us enormous joy.

With the growth in the number of users of social networks, we have more and more news. One of them, which has been growing more and more, is the use of memes. The humorous images, gifs or videos are increasingly present on pages, groups and personal profiles.

Those who have the habit of spending a lot of time on social networks usually follow the news in the virtual world. Thus, they witness the birth of some or, better yet, several memes. Several of them are inspired by personalities. Part of them manage to remain at their peak for a long time. However, most fall by the wayside quickly. Anyway, whether for a long time or a short time, the important thing is that they mak a lot of people laugh.

Here, the use is even greater, as Brazil is at the top of the countries that produce the most memes. We Brazilians tend to turn even our tragedies into games on social networks.


Memes are always showing up. And some are so good, they can be used again after a while they’ve appeared. One that practically everyone knows and has seen around is this dog of the Shiba Inu breed.

The meme is known as Doge and in addition to entertaining the internet it also shocked everyone by being the most expensive NFT meme in history. It was sold for an impressive four million dollars, which is about 20 million reais.

With this very high value, Doge became the most expensive NFT meme in history, passing the others that were sold recently, for example the meme of the girl in front of a fire .


This NFT technology stands for “non fungible token”, or “non fungible token”. Which works as a kind of stamp for digital files. These NFT are certificates of ownership linked to a digital product. It can be an image, video, animation, photo, sound or text.

In 2019, this dog meme was named “Meme of the Decade” in the contest held by the Know Your Meme website. And the winner of the auction and who took the meme home won the auction for 1,696.9 ethereums, which is the most used cryptocurrency when it comes to trading NFTs.

The price at which the meme was sold is absurdly expensive. But a positive point is that all this amount will go to charities.